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Let's Code!

It all started with a simple line of code:
>>> print("Hello Pratham!")
6 years later and I'm still loving it!


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Intermediate experience with SQL and MySQL Databases

12 months of professional experience with sql queries, stored procedures, and java initiated reports.


Experience with text-based and graphical pygame and turtle

3 years of experience with advanced algorithm knowledge. Taught to junior students as a part of an extra-curricular endeavour.


Experience in C++ through my first term of computer engineering at the University of Waterloo.

We were required to do weekly assignments covering topics such as recursion, polymorphism, and linked lists.

4 months of experience


Experience with text-based and graphical Java, advanced sorting and recursive algorithms, and Object Oriented Programming

Introductory skills with ProcessingJS (mostly recursive fractals)

2 years of experience

Web Development

12 weeks of professional work experience and 3 years of personal experience




Bootstrap 3/4

Responsive Design




MEAN Stack

Intermediate knowledge and programming experience with NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, beginning to learn Angular

6 months of programming experience

Projects available on GitHub - StudyBuddy is a simple todo application with user authentication. It utilizes JWT (JSON web tokens), cookies, and password hashing.

Raspberry Pi - C

Experience in C through my first term of computer engineering at the University of Waterloo.

One of our more demanding projects was to create an embedded system that incorporated 2 lasers and would count the number of objects entering and exiting a room. Additionally, we were required to write code for reading configuration files, starting the program at login for the pi, creating a watchdog monitor, and outputting errors and statistics to log files.

4 months of experience


Small amount of experience at previous employment where I was required to create agents alongside Ajax

3 months of programming experience


Under 6 months of experience with Turing, including graphics



I love to work, and I wont stop till the job is done. I always complete the task at hand whether I am at work, home, school, or an extracurricular club.

Engineer at Heart

I love "tinkering" with anything I can get my hands on, that's why programming is my passion; there are no limits. I can dive into a project, learn so much, and walk away from the experience satisfied and excited. I am currently in my 2nd year at the University of Waterloo for computer engineering, and I am sure their faculty will continue to keep me busy with engaging projects!